Balsamic Nectar | Boulder CO FlatironsWelcome to Balsamic Nectar! 

My name is Ben Powell and I am the creator of Balsamic Nectar. I am passionate about eating delicious foods and innovating new ideas.  Growing up in Boulder, a town full of great food, I learned at an early age the importance of trying new flavors and recipes.  About 15 years ago, my co-founder hosted a culinary student from Italy.  Her family was one of the few Italian families that produced Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and she brought a bottle to thank him for sharing their home with her.  My first experience with the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar was a true flavor explosion—I had no idea that this gift from Italy would change my life.  

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar | Balsamic NectarAfter graduating from the University of Colorado with a Mechanical Engineering degree I joined a local engineering firm as a research and development engineer.  You are probably wondering what the connection is between my interest in food and engineering.  After tasting the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar I had an idea about how to improve upon the old world method of aging and wanted to test out my theory.  The company’s CEO, also a food enthusiast, encouraged me in my dream to create my own balsamic vinegar that would use today’s technologies to support producing a high quality balsamic vinegar that rivals Traditional Balsamic Vinegars produced in Italy. The result was a product with complexity, that marries well as a sweet or savory addition to any meal course.  Balsamic Italian Vineyard | Balsamic NectarNectar celebrates the old world heritage, sourcing our one and only ingredient, Modena grapes, with our new world aging technique, developed here in Boulder, CO.

I look forward to sharing great recipes and serving ideas with you and invite you to share yours as well.  You will soon be able to find Balsamic Nectar at and at specialty and grocery retailers over the coming year. Thank you for visiting our website and please subscribe to our newsletter for new recipe ideas and fun information about food!