All the buzz: Boulder County restaurant news

By Clay Fong
Camera Dining Critic

Locally-based Boulder Flavours, balsamicnectar.com, recently received accolades for its signature product, Balsamic Nectar. This nectar received a 2016 Specialty Food Association Sofi (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) Award for Outstanding Vinegar. Ben Powell, an engineer and president of Boulder Flavours developed an innovative aging process to create.

Balsamic Nectar, an affordable alternative to expensive traditional balsamics. Pricey aged versions can command a tariff in the neighborhood of around $100 an ounce. In contrast, the Balsamic Nectar costs about $3 dollars an ounce. The product, free of any additives and built on a base of authentic Italian balsamic, offers much of the complexity and taste of more expensive alternatives.

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