About Balsamic Nectar

With no added flavoring, sugar, or preservatives, Balsamic Nectar is a completely natural product.  We use just one ingredient… traditional Modena grapes. Balsamic Nectar is a high quality, thick balsamic vinegar inspired by the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Italy.

We have perfected a technique for preparing the traditional imported ingredient that gives us complete control over its aging environment.  This ensures that our unique delicious flavor is present in every batch! As a result of this work, we have created an American cousin to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar for a fraction of the price.

Balsamic Nectar Boulder Colorado 23rd Studios Photography (22)

We are inspired by the taste of delicious foods and exciting flavors.  We love sharing and enjoying fine foods at home.  That’s how Boulder Flavours was born—a company committed to providing healthy, high quality gourmet food products for your home.  Based in Boulder, CO, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where so many great Boulder-Flatirons-1140x400-1140x400food discoveries and new brands have been created, we have created the first of what we hope are more delicious products for you to enjoy.

Great vinegars have always found a home in our kitchen and now we have another one to add to your pantry.  We’ve celebrated the traditional Italian taste we love with an American flare. We invite you to try Balsamic Nectar, which truly celebrates an old world heritage with a “new world” technique.

Italian Vineyard | Balsamic NectarMy story began several years ago when I first tasted the prized Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. A colleague of mine had hosted an exchange student from Italy years ago. The student’s family was one of the few Italian families that produce Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and she had brought over a bottle from Modena to thank him for hosting her. He treasured this small bottle and still has a small amount left today. He offered me a taste about four years ago and I was absolutely blown away by the complexity of its thick syrupy flavors.

Unfortunately, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is extremely expensive (it can cost over $100 per ounce!) and is also not readily available in most American supermarkets.  Much of what is sold in most American stores is a lower quality product without the complex flavors that come with a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.Balsamic Nectar Cocktail Party

So, I set out to create an affordable, yet high quality balsamic vinegar, that would not take decades of aging to produce. During research and development, I developed a method of accelerating the aging process of traditional Modena grapes and turn this classic ingredient into a product that is similar to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar but with a delicious modern twist. Thus, Balsamic Nectar was born.